6 Best alternatives to Google Adsense monetization methods

Now let’s just say that your adsense account was recently banned and now you have a website with all this traffic and no monetization methods to use.  This is of course a shame that you had your adsense account banned, but do not worry because hope is not lost. There are other alternatives to Google adsense to where you can still make your money and even more money.  Although some say that adsense is a good high paying ad network, it is not the only ad network that has a high payout rate.  There are other ad networks out there that have an even higher payout rate than adsense, and I know!

Adsense alternative #1 – Madadsmedia

logo new 300x95 6 Best alternatives to Google Adsense monetization methodsMad ads media is a great network if you want to earn money with banner ads like the ones you had on adsense.  Mad ads media will often times even pay better than the regular adsense ads.  I have been able to see sometimes a double and triple of what my earnings were on mad ads media than on adsense.  This is a great network to work with, and if you have the right traffic, you can  make alot of money with these guys.


Adsense alternative #2 – Chitika

chitika logo 269x62 256x59 6 Best alternatives to Google Adsense monetization methodsChitika is an ad network which provides targeted and geo-targeted based ads for your visitors. They can expect to see ads within their local area providing services and products based on your niche.  Chitika is a great alternative, although you can test different ads and see which ones work best and make the most money for you. Chitika although has a lower earning in my experience from adsense primarily because of the specific ad payouts.   When you get into the chitika gold program, you can also have a chance to earn higher earnings if your website has that type of quality they are looking for.


Adsense alternative #3 – Kontera

b93020e1e4e812518182bb592f3fcbe2 6 Best alternatives to Google Adsense monetization methodsKontera is a great network to get your feet wet within the contextual ad networks.  Kontera is a unique platform where they will advertise based on keywords and your content. You will see a popup ad within specific keywords shown on your website which will allow visitors to click on them earning you income. You can also find that sometimes they have a very nice cpm which will help make you a decent income on your websites.



Adsense alternative #4 – Clicksor

clicksor 20061 6 Best alternatives to Google Adsense monetization methodsClicksor is an interstitial network which will allow you to place ads within your website where every page load will popup with an ad. This is great when you are looking for an ad network that pays fast within 15 days and will also pay out via paypal. Clicksor has been a very good network in getting income to my websites, and I would recommend them if you have a site that has alot of traffic.


Adsense alternative #5 – Adbrite

adbrite1 6 Best alternatives to Google Adsense monetization methodsJust like Kontera, adbrite is another network that provides both banner ads and contextual ads which you can insert onto your website. Adbrite is a great alternative to adsense because you also have the option of putting in contextual ads to help further your earnings. In my experience, I would choose kontera over adbrite but if test results show that adbrite is a better earner then I would with them.



Adsense alternative #6 – Bidtraffic

logo 6 Best alternatives to Google Adsense monetization methodsJust like adsense, bidtraffic is a great network where you can even find targeted keywords and use those to earn money on your website. They offer banner ads which you can replace your old adsense banner ad space with theirs. The best thing about bidtraffic is that they have a very fast system where you can track your visitors and clicks in real time.


If you are looking to find more ways of monetizing your website even further and new techniques to generate money through your websites, I would highly recommend that you join our private BlackhatGuide mastermind membership today! We have many different methods which will absolutely blow your mind compared to the standard monetization methods shown in today’s standards.  Click here to join the BlackhatGuide membership today!

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