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blackhat website cloaking

            What is website cloaking?  What can it do for me?  How can I make money with this?  Website cloaking is the method in which you will ‘cloak’ your website to get higher ranks on the search engine for they keyword/niche that you are targeting. 


            In this blog post, I will teach you what website cloaking in a nutshell.  There are so many different factors to website cloaking, and I’m not about to cover them all within one blog post … yet ….


            Website cloaking is when you take a niche, and gather as many keywords as you can for that niche.  Then you are going to use a cloaking software, or script (available all over the internet) and use that to cloak your websites.  Cloaked websites look like gibberish.  They are just a bunch of random keywords/articles/relevant SEO words that will get your website ranked higher on search engines like Google. 


            When you cloak a website, you are generating a website in which search engine bots will love.  Search engine bots are bots that search engines run in order to see which websites are being updated, and will return with a report to rank them higher on the certain keyword term. 


Let’s say that you are cloaking a niche on “dog chains”.  You have an affiliate program on in which you are promoting “dog chains”.  You will find a domain related to “dog chains” such as, cloak the website, and automatically see your on the number 1 spot of the google search term “dog chains”.  Let’s say that 10,000 people search the keyword “dog chains” on google, and most of them visit your website.  This means that you will get all those targeted visitors onto your website, and many of them might even purchase from your affiliate link.


There are so many ways in which you can make money from cloaked websites.  If you like this little guide on cloaking websites, I recommend that you join BlackhatGuide today, and reap the benefits of being a blackhatter.  

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