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Hello fellow BlackhatGuide Blog readers! I am here yet again to show you an interesting yet very funny method of fake phone numbers. This can be used with anything, CPA companies, affiliate networks, craigslist postings, registration posts, and just anything that requires a phone number!


Introducing the REJECTION NUMBER :

617 861 3962

Go ahead and call it!  It’s free (just as long as you have a free United States nationwide plan as most phones do)

This number will automatically play a message saying something about your bad breathe, lack of hygene, and something about your hair. It basically says you suck in life, and you need to leave me alone. Thanks to my friend (anonymous awesome girl), once again we have this wonderful fake blackhat phone number method.

Use this on anything you wish to either play a prank, or anything you like!

Here’s the website if you’re looking for more phone numbers to use =]


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