Happy 1 year anniversary Blackhat Guide!

Hey everyone, it has been a whole year since the dawn of the BlackhatGuide membership community, and I would just like to thank everyone who helped make us to where we are today!  It has been one heck of a year with all of the heart aches, trials, and fellowships that has been occuring within the BlackhatGuide community.

Some of the things that I have learned within a year of internet marketing is that you should never give up.  There will be many things that you would quite frankly suck at, and there are also many things that you might be very good at.  For example I was never good with adsense or blogging and that kind of thing, but I was always good with affiliate marketing, creating my own products, and selling my own memberships.  I then taught this within the BlackhatGuide community in where people were able to learn of my mistakes, learn of the things that I did in which they corrected themselves for their benefits, etc…

It’s all about trial and error when it comes to internet marketing.  Once you find something that you’re really good at, keep at it and upscale it.  If it doesn’t make as much money as you think it could or should, then dump it and move on to another project.  Success comes with great patience, trials and obstacles.

One of the many reasons why I created the BlackhatGuide membership forums was so that we can keep the division between serious internet marketers between the ones who will just waste our time.  When people pay for something, they are serious about it and will force themselves to dedicate some time and effort into it.  This is the same in every aspect of business.  When you are serious about something, you are willing and able to invest in it in order to achieve excel in a specific niche, in this case the “make money at home” niche.

Now I’m not trying to hype the BlackhatGuide membership just because I own it, but honestly the BlackhatGuide membership is a great place in where you will be able to learn from others and ask questions about your own journeys through the internet marketing niche.  I also created the BlackhatGuide membership so that we can connect with some of the best and the brightest within the internet marketing world.

Now I just wanted to end my rant by thanking all of those who have made BlackhatGuide the way we are today and would like to thank the Admins and VIPs for their contributions.


BlackhatGuide Administrator

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