How to create your own Clickbank product

cbapproved How to create your own Clickbank productThere are many ways where you can create your very own clickbank product and start generating some quick sales riding off the thousands of affiliates promoting clickbank products every day.  When you are creating a clickbank product, chances are that the unique products you create will get approved almost 99% of the time. You do not want to fabricate a product and call it your own, because all products are manually checked and reviewed before they get approved. You want to make sure of the following :

#1 – You have a unique landing page

This is very important when creating your own clickbank product, and your landing page does not even have to have a bunch of pictures. Of course the more packaging that you put within your landing page, the higher chances that it will get approved. You want to make sure that the landing page you create states your product specifically and is very clear and concise to what your users are going to be receiving.

#2 – You want to have an established thank you page

Before you get your product approved, Clickbank will ask you for a thank you page to where you can download your product and review for approval. You want to make sure that you package your product the right way and that it is easy for your customers to download or access.  If you are not sure on how to create a thank you page, check out some of the landing pages and thank you pages from other clickbank products and simply manipulate their model.

#3 – You want to make sure that your product is able to convert and that you direct visitors to the sale.

Just because it is clickbank doesn’t mean that you’ll get rich quick by getting your first product approved. You have to make sure that your affiliates can promote your product and have a high enough rate of sales to be able to attract more affiliates working hard to promote your product. The easier your product is to make a sale, the easier you will get more and more affiliates promoting it for you.

There are many different ways where you can get your clickbank product approved, and what I would recommend for you to do is to simply go out there and try it out. Don’t wait until money drops in front of your lap, you need to go out there do some testing and get your feet wet.  We have many methods within the BlackhatGuide to where you can make money with affiliate programs and many new techniques of marketing within this field. Join us today and see how it feels to be a part of an exclusive money making community today! Click here to join the BlackhatGuide

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