How to sell your website on Flippa 4 helpful tips

Sell Your Site on Flippa 300x241 How to sell your website on Flippa 4 helpful tipsWhen it comes to selling a website on Flippa, there are a few general rules of thumb which I would personally recommend for you to do to be successful. Flippa is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell domains and established websites.  I will show you some helpful tips which will help you become a better website Flipper :

Selling on Flippa tip #1 – Always buy a featured ad

Whenever I sell a website on Flippa, I normally always buy the featured ad.  This is a good thing to do in the beginning of the website’s sale, in between and during the last days.  The reason why I do this, is because I have seen my websites which have had been sold with featured ads, and my websites which never sold because I never featured them.  The results were amazing! When I featured my ads in the beginning it would cause a commotion between the number of watchers I would get. When I listed the website featured within the last few hours of the auction, that was when I have received the most bids!

Lesson of the story …. don’t be cheap, buy a featured ad!

Selling on Flippa tip #2 – Always use catchy titles and point out earnings

The websites that I’ve sold on Flippa always had a catchy title to how much money it was earning, and the potential revenues.  People want to know if they can make their investment back with your website, and they don’t care about the design or how flashy it looks (at least the higher bidders).  You want to make sure that you point out exactly how much your website has earned, and screenshots to prove this.

Selling on Flippa tip #3 – Don’t be afraid to project your earnings 

A good selling point is when you are projecting your earnings to potential buyers to show them how much money they can make with your website. First you show them the money, then you show them how much they could expand the website to make more money. This is a great selling point because often times buyers will buy a website and expand the site’s current earnings to reach it’s higher potentials.

Selling on Flippa tip #4 – Make sure you have your statistics ready

It is very important that you upload your Google Analytics statistics and screenshots of earnings as these will be the big sellers of the day. You will want to make sure that you have all of your screenshots and proof of income / traffic ready before you sell your website. You do not want to wait until your buyers start asking for more proof (give it to them all at once).

These are my personal tips to you to help you sell better on Flippa, and get the best results using these tips.

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