Latest Google Panda Update April 24, 2012

Spam Kung Fu Panda 300x225 Latest Google Panda Update April 24, 2012As many of you know the Google Panda updates are algorithm changes within Google to sift out the low quality “spam” sites on the internet. This basically means that if your website is created with various content spamming or even various link building techniques that can harm your rankings, Google will sandbox your website making it very difficult for you to keep the high search results that you have previously been getting.

The latest update was april 24, 2012 where they have been de-indexing and also ranking various websites lower than what they are suppose to be ranked. The primary reason for this was because there are too many spam type websites out there that have no value to the user experience. This of course had people very frustrated because 100′s of their websites would get shut down very fast and inevitably destroying their income.

There are multiple ways to get around this which I will show you below :

#1 – Create high quality websites

It’s becoming more of a fact now that you will need to create more and more higher quality websites than you were used to in the past. You will now need to create more valuable content for your readers to read and more ways of attracting users through quality search engine optimization techniques.  The days are over where you are able to generate quick autoblogs and let them set and forget type of method.  That won’t last for very long, and you will get penalized.

#2 – Avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket, get multiple IP addresses

What I mean by this is that if you have a very high authority website that you do not want to risk losing, then host that website in a seperate ip address. Often times when Google sanboxes a website, your hosting ip address will also be attached which can link to sandboxing your other sites as well. This has been a usual occurrence especially when people are creating junk content and linking their same hosting to their main websites.

#3 Avoid link spamming

There are many ways where even if your website has unique and quality content, you can also be classified as link spam by the number of links you are putting on your site.  You will also need to avoid linking to irrelevant content because the last Google Panda has penalized websites that were doing exactly this.  You need to be careful when linking to websites that might have malicious content as well because it can also ruin your rankings.

It is very important that you start creating quality content because in the eyes of Google, only they will be able to determine whether or not you can get ranked for keyword related search terms. If you are interested in more traffic generating ways online, you should join us within the BlackhatGuide today! Click here to join the BlackhatGuide

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