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logo QR Code Generator Free at QRMum.comFor those of you who have been living in a cave, a QR code is basically your way of communicating and marketing either online or offline via mobile devices.  QR codes can be read by mobile devices, which then transmits messages or sends the user to either an email, image, or website.  The QR Code Generator which you can find online are easy ways which you can look more professional, and also reach out to those who are on mobile phones.

Since the mobile phone industry is growing larger and larger, many businesses turn to a QR Code Generator to get their codes and place them on billboards, ads, business cards, windows, and many more.  This is very helpful especially since often times advertising space can be very costly, and QR Codes will generate these very short and space saving ads.  If you are looking for a QR Code Generator, feel free to visit the website below and get yours for free over at QRMum.com.

QR Code Generator

Steps to generate QR Code :

#1 – Visit QRMum.com

#2 – Choose your QR Code type – Text, email, telephone, url, vcard, mecard, sms, location, bookmark, wifi, etc.

#3 – Input your data

#4 – Click the “Generate QR Code” button

#5 – Copy or save your QR code image and place it anywhere you like!


That is all there is to it … often times people will pay up to $50 per QR code generated.  This is your way where you can make money selling QR codes using the free generator over at QRMum.  If you are in the mobile industry and have clients for mobile devices, this is also another great way where you can make some extra cash creating codes for them within less than 5 seconds.

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