Top 10 plugins to use on a wordpress blog – Plugins Checklist

Wordpress Plugins 300x134 Top 10 plugins to use on a wordpress blog   Plugins ChecklistWhenever I create a wordpress blog whether it’s for a niche site or for a sales website, I always use the following plugins shown below. I hope that this list can help you accomplish the tasks you need to do with your own worpdress site, and that it can help you establish automated SEO blogs in minutes.

WordPress Plugin #1 – All in one SEO Pack

All in one SEO pack is one of my favorite plugins just because you are able to use it to easily create your meta tags such as description, keywords, and title.  This is a must if you want to rank high within the search engines having a good established onsite SEO.

WordPress Plugin #2 – WP Auto Tagger

WP Auto Tagger is a great plugin that will automatically create tags from you generated from keywords within the search engines. This is a great little tool where you can have multiple tags generated without having to worry about creating them. The more tags that you have on your website, the more pages it will auto generate for your blog.

WordPress Plugin #3 – Statpress

Statpress in my opinion is a good little tool for tracking statistics on visitors within your website. You can use this if you are not currently using google analytics, but once you start getting thousands of visitors to your website, I would recommend that you shut this plugin off due to bandwidth and hosting storage space reasons.

WordPress Plugin #4 – Search Terms Tagging 2

Search terms tagging 2 is an excellent little plugin which I like to use to create a more dynamic SEO post for each and every page and post within my blogs. This will help search engines find relevant keywords which will automatically tag within your posts each time someone visits your site via a keyword search term. This is also a great analytics tool to see what keywords you are targeting.

WordPress Plugin #5 – Google Analytics For WordPress

This is one of the most easiest plug and play google analytics plugin that I have come across. It literally takes just 5 seconds to implement onto your wordpress blog so that you do not have to mess around with coding and things of that nature.

WordPress Plugin #6 – Simple Tags

Simple tags is a great little tool which I use to help the wp auto tagger in getting only the tags that are necessary for your blog, which also helps reduce the amount of spam which might come from too many tags.

WordPress Plugin #7 – Quick Cache

Quick cache is great if you have a bunch of images on your blog. This will help increase the load speeds of your website dramatically which allows you to save bandwidth and also helps improve your SEO.

WordPress Plugin #8 – Yet Another Related Post

This is a great plugin where you can have multiple posts shown under your original blog posting so that visitors can view your other blog posts seamlessly.

WordPress Plugin #9 – Google News Sitemap

I would highly recommend this plugin so that search engine spiders like Google can help you find the best ways to crawl and index your websites within the search engines.

WordPress Plugin #10 – SEO Friendly Images

This is a great little plugin that will help SEO all of your images within your blog so that you can acquire additional traffic with ease. This is a great tool to help you get started right away on alt tags and images without having to lift a finger.

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