What is Blackhat Marketing?


black hat sm What is Blackhat Marketing?

blackhat internet marketing



Blackhat internet marketing is a style, or method of internet marketing that is classified as unethical to search engines, and/or affiliate networks.  Blackhat internet marketing can be known as such ways of tricking the search engines to rank your website higher for certain keywords. 


            Blackhat internet marketing is not necessarily illegal, nor does BlackhatGuide condone any illegal activities.  There is a difference between being a ‘blackhat internet marketer’ and an ‘asshat internet marketer’.  Blackhat is shady internet marketing that will dominate our competition, and make more money on the internet.


            One of the ways in which blackhat marketing can go wrong is when you get banned from a network, or get your website banned on the search engines.  Blackhat marketers are familiar with getting banned on affiliate networks and search engines, but they are also familiar with making money before getting banned. 


One way in which you can make money before getting banned, is through what’s called website cloaking.  I will cover website cloaking on my next blog post.  If you like what you’re reading, I urge you to join BlackhatGuide today, and learn more about Blackhat internet marketing, and how you can make money using it.

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